Barry D. Kass at Chichen Itza
Barry D. Kass  is a Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at Orange County Community
College,  S. U. N. Y.,  where he taught various courses in anthropology, sociology, and
human geography for thirty-eight years.  He has conducted archaeological field work in
the American Southwest, and was a U. S. National Park Ranger--Archaeologist at
Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado.  Professor Kass has traveled extensively
through Africa, Central and South America, The United States, Europe and Israel, and
has taken thousands of photographs of traditional and modern people and cultures,
archaeological sites, and natural history. He has recently earned a Certificate in Digital
Photography and Adobe Photoshop from the New York Institute of Photography in New
York City.

Kass' photographs have appeared in such publications as::

  1. Webster, Evans, and Sanders: Out of the Past--An Introduction to Archaeology  
    ( Mayfield 1993 )
  2. Nanda and Warms: Cultural Anthropology 6th ed. ( West 1998 )
  3. Feder:  The Past in Perspective--An Introduction to Human Prehistory 3d ed.     
    ( McGraw-Hill 2004 )
  4. Peoples and Bailey: Humanity--An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology  7th
    ed. ( Wadsworth 2005 )  
  5. B. Muckle:  Introducing Archaeology, ist ed. ( Broadview Press, 2006 )
  6. Wenke and Oszewski:  Patterns in Prehistory, 5th ed. (Oxford U. Press, 2006 )
  7. Price and Feinman: Images of the Past, 5th ed. ( McGraw-Hill, 2007 )
  8. J. Woodfork: Cultures and Customs of the Central African Republic
    (Greenwood Press, 2006 )
  9. B. Miller, Cultural Anthropology, 4th. ed. ( Pearson, Allyn&Bacon Longman,
    2007 )
  10. A. Cremin, chief consultant:  The World Encyclopedia of Archaeology: the
    World's Most Significant Sites and Cultural Resources ( Globel Book
    Publishing, Sydney, Australia 2007 )
  11. J. Eller: Cultural Anthropology: A Global Introduction 1st ed. ( iRoutledge 2009
    in press )

Kass has also organized and contributed to the photographic image bank for the  
Thomson/Wadsworth Higher Education On-Line Anthropology Resource Center.

 Best of Images of Anthropology  photo exhibit has been on display in the
offices of the American Anthropological Association in Arlington, Virginia.
About the Photographers
Barry Kass, Machu Picchu
Barry Kass standing next to his photograph
of Machu Picchu, on display at the recently
opened "Gold in the Americas" exhibit at the
Museum of Civilization in Quebec City
Serena Nanda is a Professor Emeritus of Anthropology in the Dept. of Anthropology at John
Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY, where she taught from 1974-1997.  She earned her
Ph.D. from NYU in 1973.  Her major publications include:

        1.  2009
Culture Counts: Essentials of Cultural Anthropology (with Richard Warms):
        2.  2006
Cultural Anthropology 9th ed. Revised. (with Richard Warms): Wadsworth.
        3.  2000
Gender Diversity: Cross Cultural Variations: Waveland Press.
        4.  1999
Neither Man nor Woman: The Hijras of India 2nd ed. 1990 1st ed.: Wadsworth
As the recipient of the 1990 Ruth Benedict Prize in Anthropology, Prof. Nanda's ground
breaking study of the Hijas of India was recognized by the American Anthropological
Association.  Her vivid and unique photographs of India and other locales in Southeast Asia
displayed on this website clearly reveal an 'anthropological' sensitivity towards the diverse
people and places she experienced while in the field.
Barry D. Kass
Site Developer and photographer
Serena Nanda