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Frank Lagana
Queensborough Community College

The pig picture was taken at the market in Oaxaca a couple of years ago. I keep it as my screensaver
to remind me of why I'm a vegetarian.

The Jamaica photo was taken more than 30 years ago. It's one of my Rastafarian friends taking his
ganja sacrament in a smoking device that Rasta call a chalice.

This is an Inuit man I met in Churchill, Manitoba. In exchange for buying him beer, he let me hang
around while he transformed a piece of soapstone into a carving of a polar bear. After selling the
carving for several hundred dollars, he bought ammunition, gasoline, etc and headed out to one of
his hunting camps to wait for the caribou herds to arrive.
Carol Hayman
Austin Community College
The photos are all from a fireworks festival in Mexico, in a small town called Tixtla, in the state of Guerrero, on July
26th, 2009. This includes towers with fireworks attached to them, lit in sequence after dark. Part of the fiesta
involves a "running of the bulls" with paper mache bulls with fireworks that men hold or wear over their heads and
dance around the plaza.
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Coba - the tallest structure at the old Maya city of Coba in the Yucatan. At about 140 feet, it's one of the two
or three tallest structures in Mesoamerica.

Market in Merida, Mexico - January 2009.

Memphis 1999 - another place of pilgrimage, remembrance, and loss.
Ann Bragdon
Houston Community College
Ann Bragdon (Houston Community College) with
Anthropology students and Don Johanson at the
Houston Museum of Natural Science Lecture that
accompanied "Lucy's Visit" to Houston!  
November 2007
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