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Laura Tubelle de González
San Diego Miramar College
Garden Planting:

Planting seeds in the school garden at
Arroyo Vista Charter School, Chula
Vista, CA
Class and sunflowers:

When school begins in summer,
students return to find their plants
have grown.
Gloves are fun:

I asked the kids to show me their
gloves, and they roared at me!
Eating Broccoli Flowers:

The broccoli plants flowered and the
kids ate so many they had stomach
Ana and Nicole Find Something:

Two girls are looking intently at
something in the soil
Identifying Bugs:

This student is using the Insects
manual to identify bugs on a basil plant.
Planting the seed:

Two students work together to plant a
The next three are from the Alemany Farmer’s Market in San Francisco, CA.
Alemany FM1:
Sales at a farm stand with mural of Cesar Chavez-like farm worker figure.
Alemany FM2:
Many varieties of turnips.
Alemany FM Hard to choose:
So many greens, so little time
SanDiego City College Urban Farm:
At City College, an area of lawn was replaced in
2008 by an Urban Farm in downtown San Diego.
Called “Seeds at City,” the farm has attracted more
attention than any other project at the college in
recent history. Interns at the farm learn under two
farmer-educators, one being the ex-lead
horticulturist from the San Diego Zoo.
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