Photos from the 2009 SUNY
Orange Travel-Study Program in
(click on any photo to enlarge it)

Photographs by Barry D. Kass
Professor Emeritus of Anthropology/Sociology
Co-leaders Barry Kass and Demos Kontos
with sons Dan and Angelos at Troy
Theater at Miletus
Temple of Apollo at Didyma
Excellent guided tours of the ancient
sites given by our Turkish guide,
Barry Kass and son Dan at Ephesus
Demos Kontos and son Angelos at the
Temple of Zeus at Pergamon
Demos Kontos and Heidi Weber at the
Sanctuary of Asklepios
Dan Kass accidentally knocking over
the Temple of Apollo at Didyma
The Wooden Horse at Troy
Delicious pistachio nuts for sale!
The official 'greeter' at the Museum of
Archaeology in Istanbul
Three statues in the museum
The study group discussing the
meaning of History
Profound revelations
A demonstration of native folk
art in Turkey
An Egyptian obelisk at the
Hippodrome in Istanbul
Fresh fruit juice stand in Istanbul
Entrance to Istanbul University
Istanbul waterfront
Inside the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul
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